Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Landscape Quickie Note

The clean-up of the pond and parking lot area was completed by all three 5th grade classes. Thanks goes out to the kids in Mrs. Haddas's class, Mr. Taylor's class and Dr. Mihalik's class. These areas sure look a lot better! Please don't litter at King in the future, and we can put these helpful people out of a job and onto something new.

The mulch pile is going down... and guess who helped out? Mrs. Gatonez's class of eager, energetic and hard working first graders and the after school, equally enthusiastic King Care kids. All I have to do is walk and halls, smile and carry a bucket or pair of gloves around and I get volunteers left and right. It's a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling to have such King community spirit coming from people half my size! The future looks a bit more rosy now. The next challenge is getting my kids at home to be as ambitious, ditto?

Submitted by Linda M. Ryan
Landscape chair