Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Landscaping Feats

Submitted by: Linda Ryan, Landscaping Chair

I'm so excited about the student landscaping enthusiasm and follow-through efforts at King this year! Like I said before, Earth Week was fantastic and so many classes participated in cleaning up and beautifying King grounds. Have you noticed the improvements? Ask your child about it.

This past week, The Tree Frogs, Campfire USA girls and their younger siblings worked really hard on Megan's Courtyard. Perennials like Black eyed Susans and Phlox and Iris were planted under the big Brad berry Pear Tree and in other corners. Mulch was hauled and eagerly distributed. Then to end the plant fest, the stepping stones in the courtyard were painted by the busy and happy little artists. It was a great work session! Thank you girls for letting me tap into your talents. Thanks goes out to the leaders and adult helpers Leah Tremonti, Heather Schweitzer, Laura Boudette and Christine Kukucka, too.

There is still more mulch to haul. If you and your family care to take a turn and help out, just bring a large shovel and gloves. the wheel barrels are behind the shed by the parking lot entrance. Mulch is needed on the last three beds out front on the school at the south end. Send me an email if you have questions, or to let me know of your efforts! Thanks You!

Submission by Linda M. Ryan
Landscape Chair