Monday, May 05, 2008

Teacher Appreciation Week! 5/5 - 5/9

Please join me in thanking the MLK teachers for all they do--and frankly, they do a lot and they do it well. I am fortunate to work with the MLK teachers who do such great job, and I echo the words of the national PTA president, Jan Harp Domene:

“Teachers can instruct our students in math, science, and language, but more than that, teachers can give our children the will to continue learning for the rest of their lives. The gift of never-ending education is one for which we cannot show enough gratitude—but we can certainly try. The monumental responsibility of teachers should be met with an equally awe-inspiring show of appreciation, and that is why we are creating the Nation’s Largest Teacher Thank-You Card. During PTA Teacher Appreciation Week this May, please join us in recognizing the imperative and inspiring work our teachers do every day. Working together, teachers, parents, and communities can make every child’s potential a reality.”