Thursday, May 22, 2008

Space Camp Report - Thursday

Hello from Space Camp! This is our last post before returning home.

The last group completed their mission today, and all the students have raved about how much fun they had. Today, all groups also had the chance to compete in robotic competitions! Tonight they will demonstrate their Space Camp knowledge by participating in the Space Bowl, a jeopardy based game! All the chaperones are excited to watch the graduation tonight at 9:30 pm Alabama time, or 10:30 Michigan time! The chaperones also had a little fun of their own, even winning a prize for excellent teamwork in the Area 51 low ropes course! Also, special congratulations to Kim Pitts, the winner of the "Outstanding Parent Camper of the Week" award!! At midnight Michigan time we will be back on the buses as we begin our journey home.

IMPORTANT: We will start the phone chain when we cross the Ohio border into Michigan. We look forward to seeing you upon our return!