Friday, April 23, 2010

Silent Auction Today!

Silent Auction Today!
(and more memories)

Behind the scenes Memories:
This will be the 1st auction in 3 years that we haven't changed the date! -Lisa Kohn

Auction 2008, my first year chairing, and there was lots of tabouli left over. It's my absolute, drop dead, most favorite food in the world. Sleep deprived, frayed, I put the tabouli aside, while I cleaned up. The cleaning crew threw it out. Ugly melt down ensued--through away the hummus, but NOT the tabouli . --Lisa Kohn

Sitting in the King parking lot, 3 hours before the auction begins, waiting for a guy I've never met to deliver the hot, buzz-worthy raffle item of the year (a DSi) that I had "guaranteed" I could get. Man, was that close! He finally showed up and handed me a box though his car window-nothing shady about that, huh? -Camille Ziolek

Favorite business to Solicit: Washtenaw Dairy. Per Dave at the Dairy: "Yep, just make up the certificate, that's fine." --Lisa Kohn

When I e-mailed Terri Brodkey and said "what do we do if we don't have addendum items??" And she very wisely said "you will...." --Alena Stocking

Wrestling pencils away from bidders after an auction closes-you'd be surprised how many people try to hide those pencils! -Anonymous table monitor

Trying to decide if the Jesse James reference was too much for a "Date Night" description in the catalog . . . then deciding it was all good! -Amy Cell

Knowing that the longer the catalog writing goes on, and the more wine Amy and I consume, the more risque the jokes get. -Camille Ziolek (see above)
Checklist...Science Olympiad shirt if participating; catalog with your notes; watch to keep track of 7:15, 7:30 and 7:45; an appetite for the scrumptious buffett; $1 or $2 for popsicles; address labels to fill out your raffle tickets faster; comfortable shoes to walk from you car (no parking in the driveway); and of course....CHECKBOOK.
Making Memories and Feeling Connected
There are so many King experiences to bid on that provide wonderful memories for your family to share: Teacher offerings, delivered dinners, Henna lessons, Lego parties, Moms' Night Out, King Community Partini, Bayou dinner's these things that bring us together and allow to get to know other families outside of drop off & pick up.
Proxy Bidders--where are you? You might not be able to make it to the auction, but bring home a prize with a proxy bid. Bids accepted until 5 pm on your proxy sheet in the King office.