Thursday, April 22, 2010

Very, very bad news --> OSU Update: The checks (plural) in the mail...

This is very, very bad news . . . we need to do our best thinking and
strategizing ASAP. Oh my . . .


On Apr 22, 2010, at 1:12 PM, OSU Parent wrote:

Mr. Karr

Unfortunately, you under-estimate the loyalty of the OSU fan base.
The King-OSU contingent has been steadily organizing over the past two
weeks and has gotten in contact with Mr. Jeffrey Scott, principal of
an elementary school in Columbus, Ohio (I cannot divulge which school
on conditions of anonymity) who agreed to help us with our efforts.
This unnamed school went viral with our plea - sending out numerous
emails, and has helped collect quite a few checks. Of course, this
does not surprise me.

In Mr. Scott's email to me, he indicated that he mailed off the
envelope containing these checks on Tuesday, so this should arrive in
today's mail. I have promised him we will forward a picture of you,
donning the lovely scarlet and gray jersey with smile intact, so that
he can share this with his elementary school. I think you will find
the colors suit you much better than maize and blue.


The King - OSU Contingent