Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Free e-Waste Recycling Event

9 a.m. - 2 p.m. 
Saturday, April 24
Location:  Pioneer High School Parking Lot
601 W Stadium Blvd at Main St   (Map it.)

Recycle your e-waste: it's quick, easy, and earth-friendly!
   * computer systems
   * monitors
   * telephones/cell phones
   * televisions
   * speakers
   * printers
   * wires/cables
   * modems
Drive Through, Drop Off, and We'll Take Care of the Rest
   * All e-Waste will be destroyed and 100% recycled in the
United States in an environmentally sound manner by a fully permitted recycling facility.
   * Security precautions are made throughout the recycling process to ensure all data is destroyed.

Everyone Is Invited
   * Tell your friends and neighbors in southeast Michigan.
   * Small businesses and non-profits with large quantities of equipment are invited to participate in the Institutional eWaste Event on April 22-23. Click here for more information on the institution event.
Save Our Land and Water Systems and Responsibly Recycle Your e-Waste
   * Protect the environment. Keep hazardous electronic equipment out of landfills.
   * Conserve natural resources. Materials in your electronics are highly reusable.
Events co-sponsored by the University of Michigan Office of Campus Sustainability and local partners.
For tips on recycling your e-Waste at other times, see the article from Planet Green.
Recycling services provided by Apple.