Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Type To Learn Software Available At Home

Parents and guardians of students in grades 3-5, please check your child's backpack for a green letter that details the instructions for using Type to Learn at home.  This online version can be downloaded at no cost onto most home computers, and with your child's login information it will provide customized lessons paced just right for his/her progress and ability.

This can only be accomplished by using the instructions and passwords provided on the green letter titled "Important News." If you cannot locate this letter, please email me and I will send another copy home.

Unfortunately, the school and district cannot supply technical support should you encounter problems with this process, but it has been tested in many homes and it seems to work well.  Keyboarding skills are so very important to this generation of children, and we're happy that we can provide you with a way to support their progress at home. And the bonus is: the kids love it!
Thanks, Ann O'Keefe