Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Silent Auction Countdown - 4 Days!

Martin Luther King School
Silent Auction Countdown--4 Days
(read about some auction memories)

Favorite Auction Memories

First Auctions: 

I just remember the warmth and companionship I felt as a new parent to King School being welcomed and appreciated by the whole team. --Alena Stocking
I remember my first year at King, I had no clear idea what a silent auction actually was. I had several items I wanted to bid on, but didn't realize some things closed first-I arrived so late I missed the entire first close and didn't even get to bid! --Camille Ziolek
My 1st auction...I was quite the novice.. .I thought "for sure" we won the Holiday Inn night and I was even a 
table monitor that night . . .went to check out only to find we won nothing.  What a rookie. --Lisa Kohn

Bidding & Winning . . .or not
"Not winning a DARN thing..... but enjoying myself a WHOLE LOT - I didn't even win the Franklin books.... but had a great time."-- Alena Stocking
The craziness of trying to remember what I bid on and the pleasant surprises at the end when I won things I didn't remember bidding on. --Sandy Aldrich
Getting every-five-minute frantic updates from my child hovering over the auction sheet to make sure we put in the last bid on the item she wanted. --Reates Curry
 I like watching people trying hard to look like they're not hovering over a bid sheet, even though that's exactly what they're doing.  --Camille Ziolek
I love watching the students try to convince their parents what is the best deal and what to bid on. --Sandra Michalik
Watching parents trying to block other parents from bidding on auction items . . . and me suggesting that some slide tackling might be considered. --Mr Karr

More memories tomorrow....

Silent Auction Tip #2

Remember the raffle.  For just $1, you have a chance to win an iTouch, a Limo ride with Mr. Karr, King Wear, baskets and more!

Give your kids a few dollars and let them experience the thrill of trying to win something for themselves, because....CHILDREN are not permitted to bid on table items---Not even a GOBS OF GUM basket, or 200 SQUISHES, or 500 BOX TOPS,or the case of wine!

(Parents must be aware of their children's whereabouts at all times)
Ice Skating with Mr. Clarkson
Is checking allowed?

Hiking with Mrs. Jarjoura
GPS included?

Pizza with Ms. Harris
anchovies anyone?

Painting with Ms. Wayne
a stroke of luck if you win