Friday, April 16, 2010

Information on 'Cruises' and 'Vacation Condo Option' Items in the Catalog

King Community:
We have had a few questions regarding clarification of the Horizon travel options listed in the catalog. Let me see if I can clarify. If this still does not help – please contact Alena Stocking with specific questions,
Vacation Condo Options (Page 14; item numbers 201, 202, 203, 204)

· 4 packages – Southeast, Southwest, Florida and Midwest

· Packages are for 8 days and 7 nights for studio or one-bedroom accommodations

o Upgrades are available for a cost to Horizon for more bedrooms

· These packages feature resorts such as Westin, Radisson, and Wyndam – in addition to many other independent options. I think of these as similar to a timeshare you might visit or accommodations you might find while looking for extended stay options. They are like a mini-apartment where you would stay for a week.

· Options are found online by looking at Click on the resort directory to look around. There are 1,637 options around the country – and many in each of the item categories.

· If you win a particular package – you would go online – look at options and then call to check availability.

· You must book 90 days in advance and these must be used within a year.

· I think these are a GREAT option if you like to be out of a hotel, in your own space with a kitchen, pool, etc. – for a vacation.

Cruises (Page 13; item numbers 102 & 103)

· One is Royal Carribean – one is Carnival – Royal Carribean also leaves from California – this is a catalog correction.

· These are 5-day, 4-night cruises, basic cabin rooms, upgrades available for a price.

· If you are the winner of this item you will call Horizon to see about availability.

· Must book 90 days in advance.

· Must get yourself to the port of call.

· Expires in one year.

Why are these in the auction? Horizon offers these at a discounted rate to non-profits for auctions. PTO only pays if someone bids and wins the item. This is a way for the organization to fill spaces that might otherwise not be used – and a good way to advertise at a local level.