Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Silent Auction Countdown - 3 Days!

Martin Luther King School
Silent Auction Countdown- 3 Days
(read about some auction memories)

Favorite Items:

 We have annual favorite items -According to our kids, we always aim for the world's best hummus in monthly installments from Lisa K.; Mom parties and soccer cakes from Amy C.; parties from King parents; and flowers from Mrs. Vanek's garden.  We feel we get a little more connected through food and flowers with the King Community!  Yummm! -- Diana Wong
There was Mrs. Jarjoura's  Webkinz basket three years ago ( when Webkinz were a really hot ticket among the grade school crowd).  Every little girl was ooogling over it.  I would love to know what that went for. -- Laura Boudette
Our first Zap Zone auction ended up with all of the King students and teachers working together to defend ourselves against a group of students from another school.   It was SO much fun! --Sandra Michalik
My favorite auction memories are:  bidding with another couple on a fabulous Indian dinner!  My husband would say, going in with a couple of other guys on the 
Red Wings tickets. --Lisa Joseph
My favorite auction memory is the time I tried very hard to win "Limousine lunch with Mr. Karr" for my son. I hovered around the table till the last second. I won it. A few minutes later, I was told "Your son won the raffle---Lunch with Mr. Karr" My son won the same item!!??"  --Lily Au
Taking eight kids each year on the Limo Lunch with Mr. Karr! --Mr Karr
The awesome Indian Cuisine we enjoyed based on a winning bid. --Reates Curry
I remember bidding on a beautiful bag from India.  I was amazed I got it, and treasure it to this day. --Sandra Michalik
In 2009  Kevin Karr was coveting the authentic UM hockey jersey... but Joel Gechter won it...everyone wondered WWKD?  Turns out Joel was the "beard" for Kevin and Mr. Karr was one happy man that night.--Lisa Kohn
Knowing Joel Gechter was bidding on the UM Hockey Jersey on my behalf in 2009 . . . and winning it. --Mr Karr
My favorite memory is the first Mom's night out party.  Kim Markey was such a great host (and her house so beautiful!)  I met lots of Moms whose kids are in different grades that I never would have met otherwise.  Lots of laughs that night! --Sarah Hemlich

I don't have one time that stands out over the other.  (I've done a baseball card bid where I went to visit another child at his home and go over baseball cards and give him some at the end.  I've also done lunches with the kids.)  The only thing I can say is it's fun to interact with the kids every year who win an item without the stresses of trying to educate them and get them focused on their school work.  So, I guess the best part is just being with the kids and doing something "fun" with them.  --Mr Clarkson

Silent Auction Tip #3

We'd love to see every penny of your dollars go towards student enrichment activities and not line the pockets of the banks.  So, we would prefer if you paid by cash or check to avoid bailing out the banks even more but we'll accept whatever works the best for you.  There are some amazing vacations available such as condos at Boyne Mountain, Antigua and Aspen so credit cards may be unavoidable!  

Picnic with Mrs. Gatonez
Who cares if there's ants?'s Mrs. G.!

Container Garden with Mrs. Vanek
 Might be some humming while you work.

Zap Zone with the 5th grade teachers
Realistic fiction story...ZAP...Patriots and Loyalists...ZAP...Improper Fractions...ZAP